It is believed that all garlic cultivars are derived from Purple Stripes, there are three  subclasses.   

Purple Stripe has a high average number of cloves 9-12 that are long and thin with pink and brown striping.  It also has higher than average Brix (sugar) levels and are considered the best garlic to use for roasting.

Marbled Purple Stripe garlic bulbs tend to have a squat shape.  Averaging 4-7 dark colourful cloves with deep reds and browns. Marbled Purple Stripes can be slightly sweet or very spicy depending on the variety.  Generally they have strong flavours.
Glazed Purple Stripes have similar flavour profiles as Marbled Purple Stripes. The bulbs resemble the Purple Stripe properties with 9-12 cloves.  The bulb wrappers however are waxy to the touch and shimmer in the light.