Farming Practices

Garlicloves operates under 'Best Management Practices' for agricultural crops.  Our fields are on a three-year crop rotation with clover used as a cover crop on the fallow soils.  The fields are equipped with drainage tile which provides us the flexibility to drain the field when water is in excess or hold water when experiencing dry periods.  Water is stored in a large basin and solar pumps are used for circulation. 

Garlic farming in Ontario, tilling rows of soil

The Garlic field is soil test annually to monitor nutrient content.  Amendments, when required are made using local manure (horse and cow) with wood ash. We also apply rock-sulfate based micro nutrients. The entire garlic crop is winter covered with a thick mulch of wheat straw, grown on the surrounding acreage. 

young garlic plants in straw mulch with big red ban in background

To help prevent and control Leek moth, bat habitat is promoted and protected in the surrounding fields and buildings.  Pheromone traps are sometimes used to monitor Leek moth activity.  No pesticides are used.  During peak periods of Leek moth life cycle, an organically approved spinosad based product is occasionally used to suppress infestation.

Labour intensive garlic work, weeding before scape season