Planting Garlic

  • Select planting location, full sun preferred
  • Plan for 8" - 12" spacing between cloves
  • Loosen all soil, rich and sandy loam preferred
  • Planting recommended in late October
  • Gently crack bulb apart into individual cloves
  • Keep as much skin and root plate on each clove
  • Plant clove, root end down 3" - 5" deep
  • Cover with soil and pack gently
  • Add a thick mulch layer 4"- 6" on top of soil
  • Wait for leaves to poke up early in the spring
  • Remove garlic scapes in June, when fully curled
  • Plan for harvest late in July when 1/2 the leaves are brown
  • Ensure good ventilation while drying

For more detailed practices or questions please email us directly