Bat Houses

The idea behind bat houses and garlic, is to provide an ecological solution to help control leek moth infestations in garlic crops.  Leek moths are nocturnal, they have a short reproductive cycle, and are known to destroy entire fields of garlic.
Our 'One of a kind' bat houses are artistically designed using reclaimed wood and antique furniture. Specialized details incorporated with design, ensures bats have optimum housing comforts.  




 By installing a bat house you will help provide habitat for bats that are at risk of losing suitable roosting sites.  An increased presence of bats will help to control the number of insects around your home and garden. Bats are quite sensitive to temperature and wind, therefore selecting a location for a bat house is critical to establishing a successful bat colony.


 Daily minimum of 6 hours direct sunlight

Install at a height of 12-20 feet
Avoid placing near bright artificial lighting
Ideally place near a water source
Keep protected from high winds
Monitor bat activity at dusk, relocate if necessary