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Killarney Red

Killarney Red


A new coloured string graduate in a red/yellow/blue striped string.  Killarney Red consistently produces large bulbs with soft, tan, coloured cloves.  Not considered a spicy garlic, the flavours in Killarney Red are strong without a strong aftertaste.  This is a great choice of garlic for increasing your daily intake without overpowering you meals.  Also one of our best storing garlics.  KR

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Garlicloves answers you

Common questions from our customers

What are some good food pairings for this garlic?

Killarney red is a great all purpose garlic, its flavours hold up well when baked into savory dishes like shepherds pie, or a casserole.

What are some highlights of this garlic?

Killarney Red has very easy to peel cloves this makes it great for bulk use or for those with little patience for peeling garlic.